These Are Exciting Times!!!  We played a outstanding show tonight at Bradfordville Blues Club in Tallahassee, FL . What I mean is the band was really “on” and the crowd was really into it, so it’s hard to not feel the fire when that happens… and I did!  We had a lot of folks come out tonight because they got the email about my Foster Care Alumni of America appointment…very exciting indeed!  There was a ton of dialogue about that and more at the merchandise table and after the show…a bunch of really interested folks wanting to know what  they may be able to do to help change the lifetime of a Child at Risk… ; ).  It brings me such great joy and hope to know that people are honestly interested, relating and identifying as alumni, or knowing someone who is alumni, or simply wanting to find out more about what they CAN do.  It’s really a beautiful feeling!

I got the announcement today from the  Office of the White House, Press Secretary – President Obama’s proclamation regarding National Foster Care Month. Reading that today  just made my heart swell with pride even further to be Alumni, Spokesperson for NFCM, AND Ambassador for FCAA!!!!  WOW is the only word for all that, it’s truly amazing! Give it a read…it’s beautiful really!
Lindsay & Christina from Florida’s Children First came out to the show tonight and had a natural ball! This is an amazing organization that fights for the rights of children in Florida.  They were very excited about the Presidential declaration and the future for Foster Youth and all children at risk.
Well I could go  on and on but I gotta get to Atlanta for a show at Blind WIllies…I hope to see you there or somewhere on the Blues Campus soon.  And please, if you are an alumnus of foster care, currently in care, or simply interested, be sure to come say hello – it really is my favorite topic… ; )  Love, Janiva