A Message From the Rabbit Hole & Lucky #13….


The Rabbit Hole. The Black Dog. If you don’t already know this, both are code words for depression.

That state of mind (in my case it’s clinical) is something I have dealt with a long time, it’s a fact of me, for real, as long as I can remember and I can remember being pretty young.

HERE IS WHAT I WANT YOU TO KNOW. It is past hard to write a Blog post to you from the Rabbit Hole. Partly because when I started this “blog thing” in 2014, I had some of the best guidance I have ever had from my friend John Oszajca when he told me “Hold the bar high. Always be authentically yourself, because people, your fans new and old will KNOW it’s you. It’s your truth and that you are brave enough a person to give them that is very important.”

Ummmm, ok….That’s a lot easier from above ground…

AND AS I WRITE THIS to you I realize that I can actually see some sunlight. I know that this means I am coming up for air and light once again, and I am relieved. Greatly relieved.

IN THE MEANTIME HERE is more of some very good news….

SINCE MY LAST BLOG on January 10th titled “I QUIT” …First of all if you took the time to read the blog – and I know a lot of you did (thank you for that!), you will know that I have not quit. Nope. Not quitting. Not yet…In fact far from it. It seems I still have a lot to do. And since that post, a LOT that has transpired….

Please bear with me here… I’m gonna back track a little bit…

SO January 6th of this year I found out Love Wins Again got nominated for a Grammy – Contemporary Blues Album of the year – AHMAZING!

THEN January 9th came the Blues Music Award nominations and I am honored again as a nominee for Best Contemporary Female Blues Artist. WOW!

Quite frankly – It was startling to me to have actually been nominated for a Grammy. In the same way it has been startling for me to be nominated and subsequently win several Blues Music Awards. All fantastic surprises!

I didn’t win the Grammy but it’s totally ok, I am able to say for the rest of my life that I AM A GRAMMY NOMINATED ARTIST and that’s huge!!! At least it is to me. I am very proud of that.

THEN in mid-February I found out that a full endorsement deal has come through from Shure…You may know them as the pro equipment company every musician wants to be hooked up with… I have sung through Shure microphones the majority of my career and there is NO doubt the right microphone makes all the difference in live performance and studio recording. Major thank you’s to Shure…SUPER WOW!!!

I HAVE WONDERED of late and wondered a lot, if at least part of the reason these major career things are happening at THIS TIME in my career and life are at least in part because I am still here. I am still here. I keep showing up. I believe the term is persistence.

Turns out, I am a person who has learned to somehow show up in spite of my many fears. In spite of my expectations. In spite of the odds. In spite of winning or losing. In spite of my self doubt, anxiety, my fears, the Rabbit Hole and the Black Dog … I have learned to show up. It can be quite confusing honestly… Ok, I digress…

BUT one more thing, I learned early on to show up with BOTH expectation and hope “right sized” on my insides… Most of the time anyway….

AND NOW THERE IS A NEW CD RELEASE – LUCKY#13!!!! Thanks again in part to Shure…This one is straight up and potent blues – Covers of a few of my personal favorite blues tunes! This CD is revisiting my early recordings and roots which I hold very near and very dear to my heart.

This is my band with KID RAMOS, SUGARAY RAYFORD & T.J. NORTON gracing some tracks. Its’ killer! This release is titled BLUE AGAIN on Blue Elan/Fathead Records. It’s due out May 12th, 2017.


You get a FREE surprise download (arriving 4/18) if you do the PRE ORDER.

AND you likely know how much Pre-Orders help with the first week of sales – that’s a WHOLE LOT!!! It can really help to make a debut of new music and these days we need all that help we can get!

So please feel free and please GO FOR IT here…


AND remember you get a surprise download of ONE of the classic tracks on BLUE AGAIN…

AND SO PLEASE keep in touch with JanivaMagness.com for tour dates. It is appearing to be kinda “light touring year” so far with some Pacific NW dates along with England and Belgium and more TBA.

IN THE MEANTIME I am busy writing and working on the next release already.. and putting finishing touches on other project you will be hearing about soon! Not a lot of rest for me it seems…

AND ABOUT THAT RABBIT HOLE and what my friend John Oszajca told me… Each time I write a blog and hope you have the time and inclination to read all the way thru… I always hope what he said is still true… That this way of connecting with each other is important to you, as it is for me.

IN SPITE OF THE RABBIT HOLE…I want you to know I am deeply grateful every day for the grace in my life and the kindness and love of my family, friends and fans. The recognition, the accolades and honors and very much your open hearts to me in blog comments, e mails and at live performances. It really has been a beautiful and unexpected part of life.

I am living the life unimagined by me. I thank you for this.

Love – Janiva