And another thing…


Here’s the thing. One of the most profound pieces of this summers touring for me, personally, has been the response by all the good folks in the audience about Foster Care. Now if you have seen the show – you KNOW I am going to blab on and maybe on about it (if time allows!). What I have witnessed this year is a major peak in interest by folks who want to find what they can personally do AND to sweeten the deal even more has been the Alumni that come up after the show and identify themselves. Sometimes it is obvious to me, folks are not even sure what to call “it”. The term is Alumni! Now I know when I was in the system, I would rather not talk about it… and there definitly was not a “name for it”, and if there were it would not be something I would proudly stand up and say. Well times have changed, thank God, and so to witness and be a part of helping other Alumni recognize this and say it out loud, often for the first time, has been really quite beautiful for me. Its like a society that did not know it existed until recently… and now we can, and do and have stepped into the sunlight. How beautiful to watch and be a part of the blooming of this beautiful and delicate process in other Alumni. I love my life and I love this gift. Ok, gonna start crying now so I will stop bloggin’ and do some more catch up office work… cause really people… my desk is a MESS after all this touring… c ya soon I hope… Love – Janiva