Dog Paddling…


IT’S A STRANGE feeling having buried my last brother 7 months ago. The previous brother was 19 months earlier and the first brother to leave us was 6 years before that.  A total of five of the seven people in my immediate family gone now…The impact of this is immeasurable. A kind of internal flood really. Besides – It’s just plain weird.

Back in August last year, my sister (and last remaining immed. family member) and I helped clear out his house. It was packed with evidence of the remains of his life and it was filled with those same losses and more. I was reminded room by room of the flood.

Yet again I am blinded by his loss and find myself free floating. Only hoping my instincts will allow me to keep dog paddling and head above floodwaters until they recede.

Part of the reason you have not heard much from me is this flood. Both hands and feet are simply too busy paddling.

I FIGURED OUT a ways back, that there is no Users Manual or Instruction Booklets showing how to navigate these hard, albeit familiar waters.

SOME people find comfort in words.  But I can’t find words for it really. Apparently I do find comfort in the writing.

Disorienting, yes. Both sad and beautiful, ok. The sad is obvious. The beauty is more of a collateral type. Mercifully, this actually acts like a patch of dry land when I can actually see it. Virginia Wolf said “The beauty of the world has two edges, one of laughter, one of anguish, cutting the heart assunder.”

The depth and weight of my grief it seems, is proportionate to the depth and weight of the love. And as imperfect as all these relationships were, there was deep love, forgiveness and blessed understanding that has come over the years. I can see that very clear. Again #collateralbeauty.

MIND YOU, just because I am dog paddling again doesen’t mean life stops.  Oh no. To the contrary, it presses on.

These losses simply do not stop business from happening. Sometimes I wish they would but mostly I am wildly grateful that it does not.  It’s a kind of hard gift to HAVE TO keep moving.  But it works.

Negotiations continued for record deals. Marketing plans continue to be formulated.  Touring does not stop. The next critical career move needs to be found and implemented so I can keep participating in a blessed career of singing, writing and live performance.  Deadlines don’t really go away. Nope.  Life does not stop at all.  So the dog paddle becomes this clumsy synchronized swimming of sorts… while I still flail around.

I KNOW I have a lot to be grateful for. I actually have a record company to engage with, who wants me to keep putting out records, a fan base that continues to want what I have for them and some tour dates to travel to and perform with my band and more.

AND SO that record company still needs me to fulfill certain agreements.  That is as it is, and like I said I think it’s a good thing.  Make records. Engage in social media, stay present in my career when I am not certain I care to be present in life, let alone a career in the public eye.  Try to stay true and on course.  But like I said life marches on and I know it is a gift all the same.

SO HERE I am and here is where it’s at today. I want to tell you about the new music coming. Not only because it is part of my job to tell you, but because I really dig what’s happening creatively and musically with it.

THE NEW ALBUM is actually cover songs, which in a way is a huge relief for me.  In fact all John Fogerty cover songs. He is a great writer, with no shortage of material to choose from. The songs for me, remain as relevant today in many ways as these songs were when he first recorded them with his then ensemble – Credence Clearwater Revival. 

I am relieved it is a covers album also because truthfully, personally I am still in “flailing and paddling” mode.  Which makes me even more grateful to John Fogerty for having written these tunes that speak for me.  Speak to my heart and mind at this vulnerable time, which give me that blessed connection, relief and respite from the craft of writing songs (which remains a beautiful and bloody and challenge for me). Again #collateralbeauty.

HIS SONGS are all deeply meaningful, well crafted songs that influenced a LOT of us and gave a generation a voice when a lot of us heard our government issuing gag orders to the people.  Especially its young people who were publicly standing up demanding to be heard against social injustices, life struggles, life joys and a “war that has no end”.

SO YEAH, HERE COMES the new album.  Though still a work in process. The working title at the moment is…

 Janiva Magness CHANGE IN THE WEATHER Songs of John Fogerty  That title might stick.  I will keep you posted.

I WANT YOU KNOW – We are offering a special and limited time PREMIUM PRE- ORDER program for the first 100 people that want to jump in early and get the cool experience of being what we’ve framed as the Fly On The Wall experience and be the first to hear the music!

THE PREMIUM PRE ORDER offers ends March 8th at 11:59 pm. HERE is the link   

THE BASIC PRE-ORDER is available now until 11:59 pm September 12th for folks who prefer that option HERE 

This actually allows 100 folks to be with us while we record as you get exclusive content of the “Making Of “ this album. The process from basic tracks, over dubs, mixing and Mastering.  You also get personal updates from me as we continue recording, a T shirt (womens & men’s), Postcards-from-the-Road… Oh and your name on the liner notes!

THE CD release date is Sept 13, 2019, so you will get the exclusive content staggered over time from basically March 9th till the CD release itself Sept 13th.  Plus, like mentioned you get exclusive cool other stuff too!

BY THE WAY–  My book is in the final stages of being done – meaning manufacturing and release program is being set up.  I promise you I will say more about that in a few months and because you are on my email list you will be the first to hear.

I know this is another long-ish Blog and I thank you for taking the time to read through it.  As I have always promised you, I don’t like to blow up your email in-box.  In order to honor that promise, it makes the blogs I DO a bit longer and email notices fewer than most artists I know.

Please let me hear from you below if you are inclined and thanks for hanging with me and as ever for your faithful support!

Love – Janiva