Finally … whew I feel so much better now…!


I feel sooo much better now that the new site is launched and the CD is up and available for Pre-Order on the fabulous new site. You know, have you ever felt like you were kinda outside, looking in while everybody else did cooler things that you just didnt have it together enuf to do… (maybe you never felt like that but I have!) ANYWAY…this blogging thing is fun and I have to confess I find myself thinking about it a lot… stuff I’d like to actually talk about and say to the world. Not that the “world” is reading my blog, but you know what I mean…?

Ok, enuf with the personal confession crap, I just wanted to say I am so excited and relieved to have this new site launched and forward movement for the new CD is happening now. Folks been asking and asking about it and now I have a good answer for them.. go to my website and order it now. Get it in your mailbox before the Street Date… cool!

Hope we see you in Seattle at Hwy 99 4/17 for the CD Release Party… or somewhere this summer on the Blues Campus…

Oh yeah…one more thing… CJS Strategies & Monster Design ROCKED this thing for me – dont you think so…? I do!

c ya! Janiva