So it turns out that Casey Family Programs has asked me for the 4th year in a row to stand as a Spokesperson for National Foster Care Month. I am blown away. It turns out, that my “story” or at least part of it seems to actually have a purpose, that being to help other youth in the same struggle. A struggle that I seem to have come thru and out the other side. A struggle that I have mostly become free from. Truly because its beyond what I could personally comprehend would happen for me. It is so good to be wrong!

SO to then be asked to stand as a success story is unbelievably cool. I take that charge very seriously. Its a huge honor and a daunting responsibility. I’m so grateful to be asked. Casey/NFCM is again sponsoring the 2010 BMA’s so there will be a presence there which is really cool…and I’m loosing it … too tired… whew, so much to share and so little time I guess, eh?  So I will stop typing now… more later – ok?