Well its been 24 hours since the launch of the new CD Stronger For It and I’m already fried…in all the best ways! Gotta figure out some rest cause we leave for tour on Monday for the Midwest and East Coast CD release dates. Folks are really saying some very nice things about hte new music and I am very happy and honestly a bit relieved to hear it. You never can be sure how people will take a new CD, and I assume nothing so in that way its a nice exhale I guess. I hope to see our friends and fans out at all the shows cause the Band is really kicking hard on the new material and you wont be dissapointed. Intrepid Artists has done a great job gettin’ us back to some of the good ol’ spots and into some entirely new venues and festivals… so all in all I’m really happy that the new disc is out and people dig it and to be going back to work with my Band…. just gotta figure out how to calculate some sleep hours in there…; )