I cant believe I blog once a year!


WHAAAAT?!?!?!?! That’s so CRAZY! It’s also wild how much a life can change between blogs, right? I guess it shows how much is on my plate.. I suppose that can be viewed as a good thing, I am just trying to keep my head above water most of the time…
SO we are in the finishing stages of a NEW release. Due out June 24, 2014!!! This one is fully independent, on my own Label – Fathead Records… and thus I have been trying to be creative about ways to get enough revenue to put the finishing touches on the latest… THEREFORE we came up with the Deluxe and Deluxe Plus Premium packages that people can Pre-Order ONLY. It got off to a good start but we definitely need to move a few more to make our goal and release date. Please check out what is in both of packages and place an order if you like the idea and can do so. Its a big deal to go fully independent and to have a new CD of 12 ORIGINAL tunes… I am co writer on 8 of the 12… which is super exciting and a bit scarey… of course! The Touring band – Zach Zunis, Gary Davenport, Jim Alfredson, Matt Tecu all play on the record and Dave Darling is playing a bunch of stuff, singing, Producing and collaborating with me on songs, Some friends like Dan Navarro showed up to help sing a bit and Carl Sealove, Doug Livingston and Arlan Oscar also came over to add some love to the mix! Hellova all together band there! ANYWAY tell ur friends and family both about this and hopefully folks will continue to get on board cause we got a record to put out! Yaye! SO excited about this… I am really hoping folks will dig the new songs as much as the last release’ original material… oh yeah. the new CD is titled ORIGINAL! Gotta git it! I REALLY gotta try to be better about this blogging thing….Love – Janiva