That it has been so long since I have actually Blogged! I suppose that is indicative of how busy I have been or maybe how forgetful I have become? Maybe both! Ha! In either case, here I am once again and hope to be better in the future about keeping more current…; D

It is a brand new year and though 2011 was remarkably good and fulfilling for me in the career department (for which I am always grateful…) it was also the most personally challenging year I can ever remember. It remains a blessing to have the music to hang onto and get me thru. I really mean that. Making me VERY happy to see 2012 arrive. Fresh. New and smelling soon of spring.

Speaking of spring… most of you all know it is Blues Music Awards time again and I am thrilled to say I have been nominated for 2012 Best Contemporary Female Artist. Please remember to go to and join if you are not a member and cast your vote for ALL your favorite Nominees. Spread the word and remember the voting ends late February so get it on…!

I am also very pleased to share that I have a NEW CD release on March 13th of this year on Alligator and that recording has THREE songs written by yours truly and her wickedly talented Producer Dave Darling. I really hope you dig the new effort…. I am excited about it!

AND I have been asked to renew as Ambassador for Foster Care Alumni of America as well as Spokesperson for Casey Family Programs National Foster Care Month – Change a Lifetime Campaign. I am very proud to continue in both efforts for this nations most vulnerable children. It really is true that you CAN change a lifetime…

We start back on tour in February with a few Florida shows. Honestly I cant wait to get back on the road with my fabulous band…we may even preview a few of the new CD tunes…so stay tuned for that and a whole lot more. The CD release party this time is at the incredible McCabes Guitar Shop in Santa Monica, CA. Our last show there in August sold out, so if you want to make this, I hope you get your tickets on the early side…! I know me and the boys are gonna be there with bells on! Love – Janiva