Making The Devil is an Angel Too


I was SUPER happy when my super talented friend Dave Darling said he would be happy to work on the next CD with me……yeaaaaah! Lucky, lucky me! So we each started looking for tunes, and the brief (and I mean brief) pre-production meeting and shortly aftwerwards got in touch with Bruce at Alligator and he said, ok bring on what you got cause this train is leaving the station…a few short months later out came the new CD. Funny but the title track was a late-comer to the party written by Julie Miller out of Nashville, TN. Turns out all the songs melded together pretty well into a group of tunes about the human condition. The light and darkness in us all…
I’ll write more later about the making of this new CD and working with Dave, Scruff, Zach, Jeff, Stephen, Arlan, Teddy and Ernie Perez in the studio… what a blast it was!