On the road….


OK then! Where are we today? Fall River, MA. It’s really beautiful here! Getting ready to play the Narrows Center for the Arts tonight! That seems to be the regular question mid-tour: “…where are we now???”  Not unusual at this point to wake up in the van or the hotel room and not know where I am. BUT the shows have been going GREAT and the band is really kickin!

Folks are really diggin’ the new material from The Devil is an Angel Too and that is also a wonderful feeling. Nothing like looking out to the crowd while I’m singing a tune and to see folks mouth the words or sing along with me—never gets old! And this is the new record so I know they’ve been listening to it a lot!

I have to tell you I do believe this is the best ensemble altogether I have had in a very long time. So much of the finding players thing has to do with finding the right fit—musically and personality-wise. This grouping of players/people really feels great together. The ensemble grooves like mad and well, I gotta say we all get along really well. The guys are terribly, terribly FUNNY and you gotta have comedy on the road, otherwise it’s just too damn hard. No sleep, crappy hotels, crappy food, tough-sounding stages or sound systems are less than what we need… it goes on and on. So the humor makes it all a lot easier to deal with. They are also a particularly kind group of fellas and I am very grateful for that part! We laugh a lot.

The other big piece is, of course, fans, friends, and supporters who keep coming out to really make it all worthwhile at the shows, and that is some of the best part of what we do, really. Sometimes I still pinch myself to see if this is really what I do for my living and my life. All in all it’s pretty great I gotta say….I don’t think I would change it for the world, really… ; )

Gotta run to soundcheck!  Hope we see you sometime soon on the blues campus!