Pre-Ordering the new disc…


Awright now! Here’s how it works. The new CD is available for “pre-order” on March 25th… Thursday…that’s TODAY! That means you can purchase it ahead of time and get it early in your mailbox. Its available to pre-order from my website and also the Alligator wesbite ( ALL the sales generated between 3/25 and actual Street Date 4/13 get dumped into the Sound Scan sales for the week of release. That is important in this way: When you read that someone’s CD hits the charts the day it is released, that’s mainly due to pre-orders… actual sales that happen before the street date. So BLAH BLAH’s CD premiers at #3 on the Billboard Charts means they had a bunch of pre-sales before it came out. It helps with publicity and helps draw folks to check out an artist, etc, etc.

If you want to be a part of seeing how far we can get by street date, pre-order the disc yourself and tell everybody you know about it! You can listen online in my website Store page to parts of all the new tunes… ; )

I will keep you posted on where we land and how that progresses… cool?