In the disc’s liner notes, Magness wrote, “This CD is dedicated to some of my deepest losses and uglier crossroads teaching me lessons I never wanted to learn.
Which, as it turns out begat some of the greatest gifts of my life. Yeah, go figure.”
Magness wasn’t blowing smoke. She grew up rough, learned too much about life the hard way and comes by singing the blues naturally.
On her ninth release, and third for Alligator, she shows, through song and with an expressive voice born to sing the blues, uncommon, uncompromising determination.
Magness is known for interpreting songs penned by others, but the 12-track album opens with “There It Is,” one of three songs she co-wrote.
The menacing ultimatum to a man who did her wrong was worded plenty strongly before the knife came out in the last verse.
Still, trouble has not hardened Magness’ heart.Read More