The Kid With Questions…


The Kid …

(This one is a bit long so thank you in advance for taking the time to read.
I mean it).

OK so I get it. It took me a while but I finally got it. There is no doubt I have been blessed. I started singing into a microphone in 1970’s, then into a microphone and multi track machine in about 1979, then started seriously chasing my craft for a few years… finally began putting out records in 1991 under my own name – 13 recordings to date under Janiva Magness.

Wow. Just wow…

Now here comes #14. Due out February 23rd, 2018 and it’s called LOVE IS AN ARMY. Special Pre-Orders are available now (please see link below).

So a whole lot has happened since that painfully shy, broken 19 year old made a radical decision and began to actually “just try…”

As I have Blogged about before.. I slipped thru a wormhole.

Along the way, I have learned so much since the beginnings, about love, about music and about life.

These days, thoughts, words, concepts, colors and feelings often push their way out. From deep inside – they form in the cold air outside of me. Sometimes they appear to almost crystalize as I exhale…

These are some of the questions ringing like a bell in my mind, while our world seems to spin faster than ever. All the while, it is clear that the loss of kindness and respect for each other as human beings seems rampant. This really upsets me… I mean REALLY.

But what if Love was in charge and calling the shots?

What would Love ask us to do?  What does Love want from me, from us?

What is Love really? Do we really understand it as well as we think? Can we learn anymore from Love? Is Love just attachment? Do we cling to people and things out of Love or fear?

Would Love have me help you, putting my own agenda aside?

Ok, lets say I know I love you, but what does that look like? How do I practice Love? Is it in part that I want you to be happy or that I want me to be happy and cure my aloneness in this F’d up world?
(Lots of questions… I know. Please see title above)

I do believe I understand a few things about Love and the power it holds.

I believe Love requires much of us. That it requires us to grow and change our minds, our hearts, our choices and our actions. Sometimes Love can burn us until we change …the way that heat changes metal, or wood or any element. At least that has been my experience.

This is where I want my thinking to be. About engaging love as a force for better. I think it’s a fantastic idea… and very difficult to put into practice as the world spins… but so what…!

I have found it is more difficult to resist engaging the practice of Love, and it’s disciplines. Simpler put – it has become harder NOT to love.

Here’s what else – I am no longer afraid to love. What a relief! Some of this practice comes thru me and to me through music. Listening, writing, crafting, performance. Communing with music.

After all, songs are stories and stories put to music can speak to us in ways and places where words alone will fail. For me music is a manifestation of love.

So, I was in fact (and still kinda am) The Kid With Questions… always asking “why?” I used to introduce myself to complete strangers and asked their names.

Always asking awkward questions out of curiosity and pure innocence. I just needed to know. Over the years that has evolved a bit, but I still have that same simple need for accurate information, understanding and truth.

One of the greatest gifts my father gave, was his demand of me to speak the truth. I would come to understand later in my life that this was in fact one of the most important and powerful messages I have ever been given. To practice courage and stand in my truth.

These days, I doubt there will ever be a time when I won’t need to speak the truth of what is on my mind. I am eternally grateful to have the music help me do just that.

Right now, my truth, in this world and in these times… Now more than ever is to stand up, speak up, write it, shout it, sing it and try to be heard. Everywhere.

I believe in the Army of Love. I have witnessed the beauty and power of it countless times in the most unexpected people, places and ways. It binds us in ways that have no words. Sometimes to family, sometimes to total strangers whose paths we cross at the most precise and perfect times. It is the tie that binds us to other living creatures. It IS love.

I believe in the power of helping others. That love is an action. Lots of actions. And that gives me courage. It gets me out of my head… out of angst and into action. Into love.

So, I’m pretty sure it’s all here…On #14. Love Is An Army. Songs of empowerment, protest, hope and sweet regret.

I am stoked. SO are what I have come to call the A TEAM of 72 Music Management and Blue Elan Records. Saweet…!

SO YEAH… PRE-ORDERS on the new album are right here

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I hope when you hear this new music, you find at least one Hell Yes!

I hope the songs speak to both your heart and mind.

If it does, I will be standing, waiting for you there… because… Love Is An Army.

Love –  Janiva