Winds Of Change…


Janiva Magness

What a life! I know for certain I never imagined mine would be what it is today and that I’d be doing what I am doing. At times I feel the pressure of it all as almost crushing and other times when I steal a breath and glance over my shoulder, it is totally hilarious!

2015 was a stunning year no doubt. Completing the tour cycle for Original on my own leap-of-faith label, completing a memoir (more than three years in the works), launching a musical based on the same memoir, getting married and working a deal for the next release (April 8, 2016) on Fathead Records as an imprint with up-and-coming hybrid indie label Blue Elan Records. Ya tired yet?

I know I have spoken before about how insane things have been – especially during the release of Original, but all of that somehow pales in comparison to what is happening right now. I feel like I am in a tornado almost every day and the winds of change are blowing so hard and fast – if I don’t keep my balance and feet firmly planted, I will be swept away or hit in the head by a piece of flying furniture! Crazy you say..? Yep. Exciting you ask…? Totally!!!

OK, so the new album comes out April 8th (stay tuned cuz more info about that are coming your way soon …)

As you have no doubt noticed, the new website design that goes with the new release is LIVE! Please make yourself at home and get yourself acquainted with the new look and format. This new, more-streamlined site will make it easier for you to find content, and for us to connect, as you will see.

Speaking of connecting, here are the new tour dates for the coming weeks ahead – and YES we will be playing the new music!

Live performance is always one of the most exciting parts of the “birthing” process – rehearsing with the band and ultimately bringing you new material and then hoping you actually dig it, connect and take it into your hearts and take it home with you.

There’ll be more exciting news coming to you soon… so please keep an eye on that “inbox”.

I gotta go for now. I gotta get back to work…