Dog Paddling…


IT’S A STRANGE feeling having buried my last brother 7 months ago. The previous brother was 19 months earlier and the first brother to leave us was 6 years before that.  A total of five of the seven people in my immediate family gone now…The impact of this is immeasurable. A kind of internal flood […]

New Album Pre-Order


Hey everyone, I’m super excited to share that I’m working on my new album right now! I’ll be in and out of the studio this month recording vocals and tweaking songs with my producer Dave Darling, and I wanted to give you the chance to join us. With my new pre-order package, you’ll get to […]

Then I Flashed Back on 1971…


THEN I FLASHED BACK ON 1971… I was thinking, “This may be one of my shorter blogs! At least I am going to try for that… Wish me luck!” Ok, Nope! I was wrong again… Either way I hope you read thru cause there is a gift in here – from me to you which […]

I made a video I hope you’ll watch…


Hey Everybody! Just wanted to send a quick note to let you know I made a video about my new album, Love Is An Army, and how important the album is to me. It’d mean the world to me if you checked it out. Love Is An Army will be officially released on February 23rd and I can’t wait […]

The Kid With Questions…


(This one is a bit long so thank you in advance for taking the time to read. I mean it). OK so I get it. It took me a while but I finally got it. There is no doubt I have been blessed. I started singing into a microphone in 1970’s, then into a microphone […]

“Love Is An Army” Mobilizes!


I’m SO proud to announce my new CD, “Love Is An Army”, out Feb. 23, 2018 on Blue Elan / Fathead. It’s the sharpest set of songs of my career, all to make a simple point… Some say it takes a village, I say it takes an army!

Blue Again out on May 12

Blue Again by Janiva Magness


New Release Blue Again out on May 12 via Blue Elan Records / Fathead Records and Top 5 on Blues Radio chart. Order it Here:

A Message From the Rabbit Hole & Lucky #13….

Janiva Magness in studio


The Rabbit Hole. The Black Dog. If you don’t already know this, both are code words for depression. That state of mind (in my case it’s clinical) is something I have dealt with a long time, it’s a fact of me, for real, as long as I can remember and I can remember being pretty […]


Janiva Magness


I have rehearsed those words a squillion times. The truth is sometimes I just want to quit. But that’s not a new thought for me. I have wanted to quite my entire life. It’s the ”hardwire”. That kind of thinking has been my lifelong companion. I have allowed it to manifest itself in many ways. […]

Janiva Magness Reflects On Her 2017 Grammy Nomination for Best Contemporary Blues Album


THE POWER OF A WOMAN – THE STRENGTH OF LOVE AND THE BEAUTY OF TEAM WORK. YEAH… So its 3:39 am in England and BOINK… I am wide awake. My first thoughts came… The power of a woman, the strength of love, the beauty of team work. Yesterday as my husband and I flew over […]

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